We write for you. Premium quality handwritten cards.

Cards Handwritten Saves You Time

  • Too busy or just can't get out of the house?
    We save you the time and effort to select, write and mail a card.
  • Can't find a nice card?
    We use premium quality Phoenix Trading™ cards and because you choose the message, you never have to worry about that annoying problem of finding an attractive card with an unsuitable verse inside.
  • Handwriting too messy?
    Your message is beautifully handwritten for you, by a real person, not just printed using a computer generated font. It's still personal but without the hassle.
  • Don't know what to say?
    We have suggestions or can choose the wording for you if you prefer.
  • Like the idea but never get around to it?
    You just provide a few details now online and we'll take care of the rest!

Cards Handwritten Saves You Money

  • Are good quality cards too expensive?
    Our beautiful high quality cards are only a few dollars each, less than you'd expect to pay for similar cards in a greeting card shop.
  • What about postage costs?
    All of our prices Include postage!
  • High fuel costs driving around to card shop and post office?
    With Cards Handwritten you can order your handwritten cards online and never have to leave the comfort of home.

Cards Handwritten Shows You Care

    Receiving a handwritten card feels nice!

  • What's so special about sending a card?
    A handwritten card is physical proof that someone has been thinking of you and it makes you feel special. It is something you can touch, look at, read over as many times as you like and put on a shelf or side table to display.
  • Why not just send an email or ecard?
    Instant messaging and emails have their place, but for a special message, compare the fleeting enjoyment of reading a text message to the lasting pleasure of receiving a handwritten card in the mail, admiring the picture on the card, reading the message inside and being reminded of the person that sent it to you every time you walk past the shelf you stand it on.
  • Sending a card to someone outside of Australia?
    Using Cards Handwritten to send your greetings shows that you've given extra thought to sending something special (and perhaps even a little mysterious). Imagine their excitement upon receiving an envelope with Australian stamp and postmark... and you can even add in a set of Australian animal stickers for an extra special treat.
  • Wouldn't you like to give someone else that feeling of being special that lasts more than a few moments?
    Cards Handwritten is an inexpensive and thoughtful way to do that today!

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