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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I choose my card design?  >  [Click Here]
You can! We don’t put pictures of the cards we have available on our site because there are hundreds of designs, so it would take our pages too long to load for most people. Part of the convenience of Cards Handwritten is that we eliminate the need for you to go “card shopping” by selecting a suitable card for you. We are also protecting the copyright of all of the wonderful artists who paint the artwork for our cards, which we source from Phoenix Trading™. We evaluate the occasion, the message you’ve written and any other information you’ve provided about the recipient’s interests and select the most suitable card for you.
If, however, you really would prefer to choose the card we use, please let us know in the “special comments” box at the end of the ordering form and we will email you a selection of designs to choose from. Please allow an extra day or so in your delivery time if you would prefer to shop this way. If you would like to pre-order your cards for the next 12 months, you have the option of selecting all or some of your cards from our catalogue. Please email us for more details.
Do I need to give you my address?  >  [Click Here]
No, we require your email address but your mailing address is optional. The reason we ask for your mailing address is so we can put this on the card as the “sender” when we mail it. Most postal agencies the world over prefer to have a sender address on mail items in case there is any problem delivering it to the recipient. We never, ever put our return address on the cards we send on your behalf so if the recipient’s address is incorrect and the card cannot be delivered, it can only be “returned” to you if the post office knows your address. We will, of course, not release your address details to any other party, as outlined in our privacy policy.
Can you guarantee delivery on the day I specify?  >  [Click Here]
No. We do our best to mail your card within a time frame that will generally allow for delivery by the date you specify. Once the card leaves our hands it is in the control of Australia Post and then, if it’s being sent to another country, the post agency of that country. We follow the guidelines set out by Australia Post and most often the delivery time is at the shorter end of the range they advise. At busy times, like leading up to Christmas, or if there is severe weather delaying mail delivery, items take longer to arrive. We suggest allowing 3-6 days from placing your order if delivery is for within Australia and 5-12 working days for delivery to other countries.
Do you use a handwriting font to print my message onto your cards?  >  [Click here]
All of our card messages are handwritten, with a pen, by a real person. We never print your message in any kind of font, ever.
Do you use fancy calligraphy or copy my handwriting?  >  [Click Here]
No. We write the cards in simple, legible handwriting. We do not forge your handwriting - in fact, we never get to see your handwriting. Our aim is to make the card easy to read, not overly fancy.
Can I send a sympathy card to my friend whose dog died?  >  [Click Here]
You can send a card handwritten for just about any occasion you can think of! We are sure your friend would really appreciate your kind thoughts during a sad time and most certainly can provide a card suitable for that reason. Our cards come in many designs and many of them have no writing on them at all, other than the message we write inside for you, so they can be sent for various reasons.
What if the recipient sees the postmark or knows it’s not my handwriting?  >  [Click Here]
Our intention is to help you deliver your message, never to try to fool anybody. Most recipients won’t even notice that the card has not been sent directly by you. For recipients in countries other than Australia, they may be amazed that you were able to arrange having your card sent from here. Children, stamp collectors and Aussie-philes may especially be excited to see an envelope arrive from Australia.
Some people will notice and it won’t matter to them. After all, when you order flowers they usually come with a card written by somebody else but the message is still from you. Think of it this way - if it’s your birthday or special occasion, would you prefer your friend had remembered you and made a point of ordering you a card handwritten by us, or would you prefer they just forgot about you?
This is why we encourage you to put something personal into your messages, especially thank you notes, instead of just copying our suggested wording. That way there can be no doubt that the thought behind the card is from you and everybody knows that’s what really counts!
Can I send a card if I don’t know the person’s address?  >  [Click Here]
Sorry, no. These days with address and telephone directories online it’s a lot easier to find someone’s address and you have a better chance of finding it when you know the person than we do! If you want to send a card to (for example) your child’s teacher or someone from your church, consider having it mailed care of the school or church if you don’t know their personal address (you still need to provide the address of the school, etc). We can send a card if you only know the person’s first name but it’s really better to have a full name on the envelope.
Can my business use your service?  >  [Click Here]
Absolutely! Studies have shown that business clients respond more favourably to handwritten messages than printed mass mailings. If you have just a few cards to send or want a different message on each card, please use the existing form. For larger corporate orders where only the recipient details change, please email us for details about our discount rates and the required time frame.
I really like the cards you use. Can I buy just the cards and do the writing/mailing myself?  >  [Click Here]
Yes, of course. We use beautiful, top quality cards from the Phoenix Trading™ range. You can order them here if you live within Australia and we will contact you to arrange delivery and payment details. If you live outside Australia, please email us for more information.

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